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DN.Domains facilitates Bitcoin escrow for domain transactions with fees as low as 0.5%

Finally, a bitcoin based escrow service for domainers (Beta) Bitcoin is growing strong and so is the need for a bitcoin escrow for the bitcoin savvy domainers’ needs. It removes the clutter and delays associated with fiat transactions and the banking systems cross borders. DN.Domains in association with Bitrated.com is facilitating a bitcoin based escrow service …

Monetize, Park, Sell and Manage Domains with Tough Domains

Last week I received an email from Tim Koutroubas of ToughDomains.com He offered me an account and I checked out the features. Features of ToughDomains.com in Tim’s own words: 1. Instant Domain Development: (https://www.toughdomains.com/instant-domain-development) Upload, host, and connect news content to hundreds of domains in seconds. If you have thousands of names it would literally take you …