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2728.CC, an affordable Chinese domains marketplace for the West and the East, has been launched with a 0 commission limited time offer!

Folks, it has been a long time since I wrote anything here. It could be attributed to slowdown in the industry.

This time I am writing to you about a new Chinese domains marketplace. It is fueled from thoughts and group discussions between like minded friends of not having a VIABLE chinese domains platform especially for folks outside China – 2728.CC

The site is in Chinese as well as English and is hoping to connect both the Worlds.

There is a launch offer, basically one for the sellers and another for the buyers:

Some of the features of 2728.CC are:

1. Affordable, so making this business viable:

Sellers need to pay only 2% commission on sales once 0 commission launch offer is passed. There is 0 commission forever if you are using bitcoin escrow.

2. Every transaction is escrow’d:

There is an escrow aggregator at checkout which allows the buyers to checkout via Escrow.com, Escrow.Domains, DN.com, DomR.com, Transpact.com or Bitcoin Escrow.

3. It is for both the Worlds:

2728.CC will be the bridge between Chinese and English investors. The site is translated manually in both languages.

4. It is curtailed and streamlined for quality Chinese domaining:

You won’t find unworthy extensions and unworthy patterns listed. Single sell, Bulk sell, Premium Auctions are the 3 modules.

5. Automatic and publicly visible feedback mechanism:

Feedback scores shows up in domain search results so folks are entitled to keep ultimate professionalism while transacting.

6. Shill bid algorithm:

Flags users based on behaviors. If triggered, it blocks all the emails including platform, bind emails, escrow emails.

7. Friendly support putting domainer first approach:

Brainchilded by domainer himself, 2728.CC better understands the issues Chinese domains investors face and is trying to do its best to rectify them.

Well, nothing is perfect unless you say so, so checkout and make use of the launch offer, give constructive feedbacks.

This is only the first in a series of domain related ventures. If anyone wants to partner up, do let me know.

Happy Chinese Domaining!

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