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Advantages of 4L.com investments over others

There are some friends who dedicatedly invest in 4L.COMs They keep accumulating them. 

There are certain advantages with 4L.com investments over other niches.

  • Heavy use of 4L.com domains for development.
  • 4L.com random domains are available cheap.
  • Huge end user potential. Chances of receiving inbound offers for them.
  • Huge reselling potential. Sell it any time.
  • Chances of selling them in the reseller market for a profit.
  • Chances of selling them to end users for huge profit.
  • Usually end users won’t have a secondary option when they are hunting for an abbreviation.
  • 3L.com domains are priced heavily.
  • Accepted globally. Not limited to Chinese market.
  • Accepted as collateral.
  • 5L.coms have gained some traction.
  • Widely distributed among investors. Domainers without a 4L.com are rare.
  • Attracts usually highest number of bids and bidders in auctions.
  • Also liked by keyword domainers.
  • Base niche for the Chinese domain market. Market is good if 4L.com prices are good and vice versa.
  • Shortest niche that is affordable.

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