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Advantages of Chinese domains investment over Keywords and others

What are Chinese domains?

Chinese domains are nothing but the types of domain names Chinese are interested to buy, hold and sell.

What are the types of domains Chinese are interested in?


LL chips & nonchips LL chips & nonchips LL chips & nonchips LL chips & nonchips
LLL chips & nonchips LLL chips & nonchips LLL chips & nonchips LLL chips & nonchips
LLLL chips & nonchips LLLL chips LLLL chips LLLL chips
LLLLL chips      
NN chips & nonchips NN chips & nonchips NN chips & nonchips NN chips & nonchips
NNN chips & nonchips NNN chips & nonchips NNN chips & nonchips NNN chips & nonchips
NNNN chips & nonchips NNNN chips & nonchips NNNN chips & nonchips NNNN chips & nonchips
NNNNN chips & nonchips NNNNN chips & nonchips NNNNN chips NNNNN chips
NNNNNN chips & nonchips NNNNNN chip patterns    
NNNNNNN chip patterns      
CCC.COM (No hyphens)  

What are Chips and nonChips (Random)?

Chips are domains which does not have aeiouv04 and vice versa.

Why do they invest in these Domains?

They are investing in these types of domains as a store of value. They have an intrinsic value. The values goes up or down as per demand. They are trading these domains between investors like stocks. Also, there are end user sales. End users are people who buy the domains to develop.

How is the price determined?

The price is tracked and centralized as per demand and supply in the Chinese market. There are price tickers available in DN.Domains homepage.

How can a non Chinese benefit from this?

There are many non Chinese investors who are into this business of buying, holding and selling Chinese domains.

Do one need to know Chinese language to be in this business?


How can you learn more about this?

NamePros.com domain forum, various domain blogs, DN.Domains Whatsapp group.

Where to buy or sell these domains?

Various domain auction platforms like NameJet, Godaddy, Pheenix; domain forums like NamePros, DNForum; Whatsapp group like DN.Domains Whatsapp group.

Are there any risks involved?

Yes. There are risks and benefits just like any other type of investment. Prices can go up or down as per demand and supply rules.

Where can I check historical prices?

You can use Shortnames.com, Namebio.com. Also DN.Domains has the 1-2 year price graph for various niches.

What are the advantages of Chinese domains investment against Keyword domains, new gtld domains, CCTLD domains etc.?

Specific to Chinese domains,

1. Has intrinsic value. Can sell any time.

2. Price is tracked and centralized per niche and is made available to the public.

3. Could sell each of your domains.

4. No need to look for an end user. Domains are traded between investors for the most part.

5.  Offers natural growth of value plus they do pump and dump (creating huge demand and jacking up the prices).

Update: Please read the comments below for more clarification. Thanks

Jijo Pappachan

Jijo Pappachan is a Chinese Domain names investor, trader, broker, author, and blogger. He started domaining in 2015 and made it big during the surge that time. He has sold more than 1000 domains. He is part of DNOAi, Domain Name Owners Association of India.
[Disclaimer: My analysis could be wrong. Do your own due diligence while making investment decisions. If you want me to write about something specific, email me.]

Comments 6

  • Disagree that all these types of domains have “intrinsic value”.

    Domains that get traffic with a meaning particular to the respective domain, or domain having an actual meaning that can be advertised and immediately recognized as that exact product/service have intrinsic value. Otherwise domains don’t really have intrinsic value. What is the intrinsic value of FZGHK.com? Bitcoin also has no intrinsic value. There can be a scarcity value for them but not an intrinsic value.

    • 5L.com chips does not have intrinsic value. They are at the lower tier. Similarly 7n.com. You are right. But I am referring to better niches like 4L.com, 6n.com etc.

      Any 4L.com chips can be sold for 1300 USD to an investor. Any 6n.com chips can be sold for 55 USD as per today’s market price. Wouldn’t they fall into the category of domains that have intrinsic values?

  • It’s interesting, but I’ve noticed you guys are giving more attention, to LLLLL domains, which are incredibly speculative to the NNL/LNN/LLN/NLL market which is extremely liquid. I’m not sure you are giving an accurate summary to the new investor. I’ve seen a bias against these hybrid chips on your platform, but they are indeed a legitimate asset which is bought and sold in the 4 digits are up daily. Also you do not even mention LN/NL, which are among the most valuable Chinese interest assets. Perhaps it was just an oversight, but to ignore this popular and quickly growing niche within the Chinese market does not give an accurate or complete picture to those learning to invest in the Chinese domain name space. Currently even NNNL/LNNN, NNLL/LLNN are more valuable than 5 letter chips and in some cases 6 number chips that don’t have doubles.

    • We are not giving more attention to 5Ls. It is just that it is a recognized niche at the lower tier and it needs to be there. NNL/LNN/LLN/NLL belongs to CCC we already mentioned. You are right that we missed LN/NL. We shall add them. Anyways that’s a rare commodity. Was not ignoring purposefully. We have avoided CCCC. They are not liquid as a whole. But I can agree that some of them are valuable than 5L chips. Thanks for your views.

  • I will let my 5L’s drop in favor of keeping 5N’s

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