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Category «4L.coms»

Divisions of 4L.coms in an investor’s point of view

You need to know different types of 4L.coms as an investor. 1. Chips: 4L.com chips are the ones with no aeiouv. Example: KRWQ.COM 2. Non chips (random): 4L.com random or nonchips are the ones with aeiouv. Example: AMNL.com 3. Chips+: A relatively new category invented to help with the 5L.com registrations. Avoid LNRQP from the chips. …

Advantages of 4L.com investments over others

There are some friends who dedicatedly invest in 4L.COMs They keep accumulating them.  There are certain advantages with 4L.com investments over other niches. Heavy use of 4L.com domains for development. 4L.com random domains are available cheap. Huge end user potential. Chances of receiving inbound offers for them. Huge reselling potential. Sell it any time. Chances of …