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Category «bitcoin escrow»

How can domainers make use of bitcoins?

Bitcoin is digital currency. It is used as a store of value. At the time of writing 1 BTC is equal to 1451 USD. You can send bitcoins from one wallet to another. Hence, this can act as a payment system for domainers. Suppose you bought a domain from somebody. The first step is to …

DN.Domains facilitates Bitcoin escrow for domain transactions with fees as low as 0.5%

Finally, a bitcoin based escrow service for domainers (Beta) Bitcoin is growing strong and so is the need for a bitcoin escrow¬†for the bitcoin savvy domainers’ needs. It removes the clutter and delays associated with fiat transactions and the banking systems cross borders. DN.Domains in association with Bitrated.com is facilitating a bitcoin based escrow service …