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GoDaddy GoAfter Domains – 10.22.16

I prepared this list sitting at Resort Rio, Goa. I am here to participate in DomainX events hosted by DNOAi.

Everyday we try to scroll through the GoDaddy closeout and expiring lists and cherry pick some domains that might be worth bidding for. However, use ShortNames.com to find out the ceiling that you must go for. If the price is not convincing, do not buy.

Clicking on the link will directly take you to the auction page.

mdlhw.comW ending
bjnsm.comBJ stands for Beijing
jhqpw.comW means Wang = net
gyyxx.comYY XX
ychgw.comW ending
tjrcl.comTJ for Tianjin
fjdfc.comFJ for Fujian
hkjjh.comHK for HongKong
hkgjd.comHK for HongKong
xzea.comRandom 4L.com
oasr.comRandom 4L.com
3131567.com3131 567
331168.com33 11 68

I wish I could do the below too in table format, but I need to run to meet the domainers who have assembled in Taj Vivanta, Goa for the event.

Clicking on the link will directly take you to the auction page.

At Closeouts (11 – 5 USD):

1899899.com 899899

8383789.com 8383 789

1888225.com 88822

prfff.com FFF

shtbk.com Shanghai

yzpkw.com W

shgjt.com Shanghai

hhdll.com d guarded by h’s and l’s

9833222.com 33222

6882266.com 882266

1123311.com 3311

9822111.com 22111

9877111.com 77111

777365.net 777

5339339.com 9339

1151511.com 5151 

2577725.com 777 guarded by 25

9811333.com 11333

9877222.com 77222

9822333.com 22333

9866111.com 66111

2699996.com 9999

9833111.com 33111

9866222.com 66222

tjzsx.com Tianjin

ynjfy.com Yunan

rslll.com LLL

zcczz.com CCZZ

rrpcc.com RR CC

hnwlt.com Hunan

8899577.com 8899 77

Jijo Pappachan

Jijo Pappachan is a Chinese Domain names investor, trader, broker, author, and blogger. He started domaining in 2015 and made it big during the surge that time. He has sold more than 1000 domains. He is part of DNOAi, Domain Name Owners Association of India.
[Disclaimer: My analysis could be wrong. Do your own due diligence while making investment decisions. If you want me to write about something specific, email me.]

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