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Manmeet Pal Singh, DOMAINX founder, gets inSIG fellowship


Two Indian domainers have made it into the fellows of India School on Internet Governance (inSIG) 2016.

“The principal objective of inSIG is to train professionals in the domain of Internet Governance, equipping them with the skills to enable them to participate effectively in global Internet Governance processes and institutions. inSIG is planned as an annual school that would be held in different parts of India each year.”

“It is expected that in the course of organizing the first edition of inSIG, the steering group will evolve into a multistakeholder entity.”

Here you can see the list of fellows: http://isig.in/fellowships/

Manmeet Pal Singh Mahal:










Manmeet is a Domain Name Consultant and Serial Internet Entrepreneur and Business Development Manager at Soofi Group, a private group of companies.   He is the founder of DomainX™ Events (Workshop & Conference).  He has created a platform for domain name investors in India to join forces and bring investment, monetization and general awareness towards the domain name industry.

Another known name in the fellow list is Sibtain Zaheer.










Sibtain was actively involved in the first ever DOMAINX conference held in Hyderabad in 2014. He is now into the political scene of India. He is the District Secretary of the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi.


We congratulate both Manmeet and Sibtain in their achievements!

Jijo Pappachan

Jijo Pappachan is a Chinese Domain names investor, trader, broker, author, and blogger. He started domaining in 2015 and made it big during the surge that time. He has sold more than 1000 domains. He is part of DNOAi, Domain Name Owners Association of India.
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