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MGCP.com, 518687.com, 862238.com | GoDaddy GoAfter Domains 06-29-17

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At Auctions

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DomainsDescriptionPrice Indication
MGCP.COM4L.com chips + westernSimilar Sales
DHTM.NET4L.net chipsSimilar Sales
BJHBX.COMBeijingSimilar Sales
HMYHW.COMW endingSimilar Sales
BWWS.NET4L.net chipsSimilar Sales
FMXY.NET4L.net chipsSimilar Sales
ZWSG.NET4L.net chipsSimilar Sales
TFRZ.NET4L.net chipsSimilar Sales
862318.COM6n.com chips, 8 endingSimilar Sales
861938.COM6n.com chips, 8 endingSimilar Sales
862238.COM6n.com chips, 8 endingSimilar Sales
518687.COM6n.com chipsSimilar Sales
861738.COM6n.com chips, 8 endingSimilar Sales
861538.COM6n.com chips, 8 endingSimilar Sales
ZOKB.COM4L.com randomSimilar Sales
DPVK.COM4L.com randomSimilar Sales
ZNIQ.COM4L.com randomSimilar Sales
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Jijo Pappachan

Jijo Pappachan is a Chinese Domain names investor, trader, broker, author, and blogger. He started domaining in 2015 and made it big during the surge that time. He has sold more than 1000 domains. He is part of DNOAi, Domain Name Owners Association of India.
[Disclaimer: My analysis could be wrong. Do your own due diligence while making investment decisions. If you want me to write about something specific, email me.]

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