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Tag «Chinese»

4N.COM Chips in 2014 was available for 3000-5000 USD. In 2017, they are at 30,000 to 40,000 USD. When are you starting your Chinese domains investment?

Chinese domain names are lucrative investment. If you have the vision, they tend to give you exorbitant returns after few years. I do not think there exists something else which has the potential of giving you such good returns for your investment. I am using the example of 4N.COM Chips first. Below are the recorded sales …

Advantages of Chinese domains investment over Keywords and others

What are Chinese domains? Chinese domains are nothing but the types of domain names Chinese are interested to buy, hold and sell. What are the types of domains Chinese are interested in? Mainly, COM NET CN CC LL chips & nonchips LL chips & nonchips LL chips & nonchips LL chips & nonchips LLL chips & nonchips LLL chips & nonchips LLL chips & nonchips LLL chips & nonchips LLLL chips …