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Whatsapp Group

Dn.Domains Chinese domains whatsapp group

We have a Whatsapp group to exclusively discuss, buy, sell Chinese domains. The group has 180 plus members now from various nationalities and is growing daily. The method of communication is English.

Here is your invitation link to join: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Js69VWIieMu1oxQSQQPu53

In order to ensure quality of the discussions, we have some rules in place. Kindly consider these if you wish to join.

Rules for Chinese Domains Whatsapp group:

1) In order to bring quality and focus, we discuss only niches and extensions that are more liquid and have major Chinese interest. COM, NET, CN, CC tlds are of major interest.

Here is a list of things that are approved for posting/discussing as of now. We might amend this list as per changes in the market.

LL chips & nonchips LL chips & nonchips LL chips & nonchips LL chips & nonchips
LLL chips & nonchips LLL chips & nonchips LLL chips & nonchips LLL chips & nonchips
LLLL chips & nonchips LLLL chips LLLL chips LLLL chips
LLLLL chips
NN chips & nonchips NN chips & nonchips NN chips & nonchips NN chips & nonchips
NNN chips & nonchips NNN chips & nonchips NNN chips & nonchips NNN chips & nonchips
NNNN chips & nonchips NNNN chips & nonchips NNNN chips & nonchips NNNN chips & nonchips
NNNNN chips & nonchips NNNNN chips & nonchips NNNNN chips NNNNN chips
NNNNNN chips & nonchips NNNNNN chip patterns
NNNNNNN chip patterns
CCC.COM (No hyphens)

If you have any doubt on this list, you can contact one of the admins by PM. L Chips = No aeiouv. N Chips = No 0,4.

2) For sale posts should have a buy-it-now price tag. Buyers are allowed to make offers or hit BIN. Do check namebio.com or shortnames.com for price guidance. Always try to offer your domain around market price or lesser than the market price.

3) No high quoting. No low balling. Any such efforts are futile and does not benefit you or the community. Price your domains in and around market price. Make offers in and around market price. We strongly recommend pricing under market price which enhances the chance of your sale. We are an investor community, not an end user community. We are well aware of the market. The market is well defined, well regulated, and centralized. Use the market tickers at the homepage for your guidance. There are some exceptions though when there are niches within niches and the price for those are not separately tracked. In these cases, you can submit recent sale proofs from Chaomi/Namebio/Shortnames. One off sales couldn’t be counted.

4) NO disrespecting, namecalling another person. Any differences should be settled in PM.
5) NO unrelated forwards. Festival wishes should be limited to 1 or 2 at the max.
6) NO investment calls without proper or reliable proofs.
7) NO pushing of your own services. If you want to promote something, run it with the admin first.
8) NO fun, useless, waste talks.
9) Deals should be honored within 48 hours. Do not expect seller to follow up for more than 2 times.
10) We appreciate your first or last name as your Whatsapp handle, or something to recognize you well.
11) We appreciate you talk in English.

Removal: We will remove you from the group for 2 days if you violate any of these rules. We will be impartial in doing so. We can add you back after 2 days once you PM the admin/s or you can join back as we issue a new invitation link. Violating rules for 3 times will attract permanent ban. We don’t have anything against you, but please cooperate to make this a better place for everyone!!